About us

FitFlow Store is all about comfort and style while maintaining an active, on-the-go lifestyle. Founder Tatiana Harzheim was on the hunt for good quality, versatile leggings that are a staple of fashion in her native Brazil. For years, Tatiana had a hard time finding the look and feel she longed for in the US market, which forced her to seek out options on the beaches of Rio de Janeiro to help fill the void in her closet. She started buying these top-of-the-line designs for her own personal use, and was often asked by friends and workout partners where they could find her leggings. Tatiana soon realized that she had found a product that was in high-demand, giving her the inspiration to embark on this new project of providing her sought-after leggings to friends and followers on social media. Her timing was impeccable as the healthy lifestyle and yoga craze began to hit her adopted home of Southern California. FitFlow Store takes from Tatiana's inspiration of maintaining an active, healthy lifestyle while not sacrificing comfort, fashion, or functionality. Our creator was our first client and continues to lead the FitFlow revolution with her social savvy and fashion-forward momentum.